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Why You Should Never Buy Instagram Followers: Five Key Reasons

Instagram has grown highly competitive as a way to boost business success. However, although social marketing itself is driven by data, you can never rely on numbers purely – yes, even the number of Instagram followers you have. Numbers are eye candy for sure, but if you think about it, you have many other metrics to consider.

Say, how many people actually put down their comments regularly, or how many users end up in your website after clicking that link on your profile page? Etc. So quit the numerical mindset. In fact, reasons not to buy Instagram followers are plenty, and here are the top five:

Minimal Follower-Engagement Ratio

People usually think that when they buy Instagram followers, they actually end up with real live human users following their page. The sad reality is, theyre bots that will never engage with you. Engagement, as in liking pictures or leaving comments, etc.

Damaging Brand Reputation

If you have thousands of followers but only have five likes on every picture, then that is surely suspicious. And by the way, its quite easy to distinguish between accounts with bought followers and those that got their followers organically. If you are trying to build credibility for your brand, dont fake it.

Diminished Trust

The moment people get a hint of your Instagram followers being bought, you might just lose their trust. The only way to get more business with Instagram is if you get them to follow naturally. Bots have no way of appreciating your posts or clicking the link that drives to your website, but real followers can.

Instagram Wont Like It

Deceptive social media techniques can get you in big trouble with Instagram. Sometimes, youll get a warning, something theyll just close your account and theres nothing you can do about it. You dont just lose money but youll have to start from the bottom and build a whole new page again.

Followers Arent the End

While its easy to think that people will be more likely to follow your Instagram page if it has a high following, this isnt always true. Say youre looking for a summer art program for your kids. Are you actually going to choose the school that has the biggest number of followers? All you need are great pictures, great captions, and regular interactions with other users. After all, with a really great page, theres no reason why people will not be tempted to follow you, and then your numbers will increase in the most natural way.

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