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Benefit of Standard Based Grading

Standard based grading is a module where the main focus is on the real thing that a student learner in school and one is graded when he demonstrated he has understood certain concepts. Traditional grading has always centered on the points each student has attained. Learning standards have encouraged an exploration into what can be done to enhance understanding. The point based system classified students as either smart and dumb. Learning standards, on the other hand, has to do with tracing activities that have been undertaken over a while. People have started to gauge the value of activity on the knowledge acquired rather than on point assigned.

The traditional grading conveys a message that one cannot enhance their capabilities even if they work hard. Learning standards have made people realize that their efforts matter when it comes to learning.

In the classification that has been used in previous years, instructors have used a formula to calculate the marks of a student. You will not use algorithms to assess the student rather you will have to engage in a conversation and use your observation to know where the student has reached in learning a particular subject.

Students have opportunities to explore the standards they feel comfortable developing. Learners tackle concept they may have failed to grasp correctly before because they feel they have what it takes to succeed. All students learn at their own pace using this module.

Traditional grading offers general comments to a student. The moments standards describe learning they speak about the success and challenges of every student. Marks assigned by instructors have stopped being the primary way you tell a student what he is experiencing in his learning system when you embrace the learning standards.

Students can tell with specificity about their learning process and how far they have got at any particular moment. Using standards to learn allows teachers to understand what is hindering them from grasping certain concepts. Teachers must be patient with students to allow them to familiarize with standard based learning where a student does not shy away from speaking out freely. Standard based learning eliminates the powerlessness that is experienced by the so-called poor students in the traditional setting.

In the traditional grading system, instructors are the ones who assigned points which made students feel powerless. However, students in the improved system can tell with clarity what they have learnt. Learning which is not predetermined enables students to be innovative. Learning standards presents each student as unique. Students know with clarity why they got a particular grade as each criterion is evaluated.

Learning standards allows the students and the instructor to gauge how well they have learned a particular concept after a specific time. Learners have shifted from reading to pass exams to having a clear understanding of the concept. This system helps to inform instruction effectively.

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